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By Lovely S. on Jun 23, 2019

The staff were professional and provided fast service. I highly recommend speakers sound amazing

By D M. on Jun 22, 2019

AE cost us over $400.00 when we attempted to have our F250 diesel smogged. Installers used the CA smog wiring harness when connecting the truck alarm..  CA smog referee informed us of this state violation, so we returned the truck to AE with photos and documentation requesting the alarm wiring to be removed.  Needless to say AE installers disregarded the CA state documentation. Having to go back and forth and driving 200 miles AE techniques shrugged their shoulders and offered no compensation for lack of knowledge in regards to CA smog laws; using the smog wiring harness.

By Ann Pruitt on Jun 13, 2019

I flew into Audio Express Arden with a problem with my viper alarm and in a time crunch. Eric was quick to hear my situation and jump into action due to my personal situation. The customer service and techs were amazing, professional and helpful! I will return! You should go also! Thanks guys, you rock!

By Hernando V. on Jun 11, 2019

Great Customer Service Very knowledgeable of all products and they were able to put together something just right for me and my Family definitely took care of any questions I had or any doubts I'm 100% satisfied with my new system

By Cheryl Hanson on Jun 07, 2019

Great experience, everyone was very nice & helpful! I felt they went above & beyond & fixed a problem we had been having for awhile with our truck. I highly recommend!

By Courtney lewis on Jun 03, 2019

these Guys always know What there talking about if you need Somthing Done Come there. Props to the manager Dank. He walked me through everything and made it eady to upgrade to a better system for me.

By Alfonzo Jimenez on Jun 01, 2019

Some of the people who work here don't have much experience working on cars, I've had to bring my car here multiple times, and every time they worked on my car there is a little more damage around the stereo and air conditioning vents

By Courtney lewis on May 28, 2019

these Guys always know What there talking about if you need Somthing Done Come there

By Vertis Haley on May 27, 2019

Good peaple there the best

By Austin K. on May 03, 2019

The only audio store I trust, Mharkus and Juice were very helpful! The instalation mechanics were very quick at an entire rewire. I've purchased many things from this store and continue to come back or refer people there.

By Jack W. on May 01, 2019

Went here because my radio broke in my car. I was able to walk in, buy the part, and be on my way in an hour.

By Jamaal H. on Apr 16, 2019

Damian was very knowledgeable, and helped me find the sound I was looking for! All of his recommendations were spot on, as well as cost saving, to insure I didn't buy anything that I didn't really need. The other staff members, I talked with were great as well! I will definitely go back to this location for any future audio needs!

Thanks again Damian!

Jamaal H.

By Ivan O. on Apr 15, 2019

Amazing job! New viper alarm works like a charm. Really professional and overall really nice people. Would definitely recommend.

By Nena hernandez on Apr 14, 2019

He was very helpful and patient was showing me my options for a backup camera. I did not feel rushed I asked tons of questions and they were both so very helpful. Although I didn't purchase the backup camera due to it being out of my budget, I really appreciated the customer service at Audio Express. If I do Ever Need any audio or video services for my vehicle I will not hesitate to come here. Highly recommend, it's always worth stopping by.

By Charl Sanchez on Apr 11, 2019

We had been shopping around for a new sound system for our RV (needed to include navigation and adapt to cameras) and finally got what we were looking for at Audio Express on Arden Way in Sacramento. Eric Choo was not only knowledgeable of all the products, his professionalism and personality made him easy to work with, as he listened to our concerns, and was then able to meet all our needs. The crew who worked with him were also great ~ everyone did an excellent job and made us happy customers. Now we are rockin' down the highway!

By Charl S. on Apr 11, 2019

We found a great price for a new system for our RV on the Audio Express web site, and met with Eric Choo at the Arden Store to make our purchase.  The cost was MUCH lower than other places (we wondered if was too god to be true), and it was discovered that the internet pricing listed was from last year, and had not been updated.  Eric worked with the corporate office, and we all agreed to "meet in the middle".  Even though we paid a little more than we had anticipated, Eric worked with us (and the corporate office) and went the extra mile to achieve all our wants and needs to make the system compatible for our RV.  We were very happy with the professionalism of all the staff and crew in their installation process.  
The next day we checked the internet, and discovered that the pricing had been changed to reflect the higher price, so I do feel that it was an overlook that was made good.
Also, our RV was still under warranty, and Eric worked with the claims adjuster to help us get our reimbursement.  Thanks again!
Kudos to all, and now we are rockin' down the highway!

By Jeff & Charl on Apr 11, 2019

Great knowledge, products and service. Even though we are not technologically advanced, Eric C. did a great job helping us feel more comfortable and informed about our purchase decision. Thanks Eric and Audio Express.

By Aaron D. on Apr 08, 2019

I needed to have a JBL 10 inch sub installed to my new car. I went into audio express and received excellent customer service from the start. The associate explained all my different options for wiring kits, and the price for install. The price was very fair. $100 for install labor, and $60 for the wiring kit. The sub sounds amazing, and they did a great job tuning it. Couldn't be happier with the level of service I received.

By Jonathan Isborn on Apr 03, 2019

By Rylee Payne on Apr 02, 2019

Why is there not a -5 star. This shop has gone WAY down. The installers look like lames. I mean. It was door speakers on a 08' KiA. Why did my daughter go back the next day with screws falling out and the windows hitting the speakers. Wow. And.. then was told ok we will fit you in. Had her wait 3hrs. And forgot about her. I had no clue what was going on. I just came in to see her and bring my grandson juice and her water. So her car is out front. I say to her. Did you know your car is done. (Being that it is in front and not bay 3hrs later) nope. Not even touched. Wow is all I can think. Until I went off on the manager. Oops.